Configuring Chart Data > CSV File

FusionCharts for Dreamweaver allows you to use data from an external CSV data file. A CSV or a Comma Separated Value file has a .csv extension and it can be opened in a text editor. In a CSV each element (or a data item) is separated from the other by a comma. This means that each horizontal array of elements can be regarded as a row of a table. The following is an example of data stored in CSV format.


In order to use data from a CSV file, first make sure that the 'Import CSV' option is selected. Now, you need to specify the path to the CSV file in the file selection box, you can either type the path of the CSV file or use the ‘Browse’ button to point to the desired CSV file. If the file is not in the root directory of your site, you will be prompted to save it within the root directory – it is recommended that you save the file somewhere within the root directory of your site. Click the 'Load' button and the CSV data will be displayed on the 'Data Grid' screen in tabular form.

Defining Categories and Series for your Chart

A chart cannot be plotted unless the data has been classified into Categories and Series. To designate a column as a Categories column, just select the pertinent column and then click the 'Add as Categories' button. Now, select each of the remaining columns and designate each of them as a Series column by clicking on the 'Add as Series' button. Do keep in mind that a chart can have only one Categories column. Once you have classified the data into categories and series you will find them listed under the ‘Categories and Series’ section.

Chart data structure

In the 'Categories and Series' section you can provide a name for your 'Categories' column and also for each of your 'Series' Column. Furthermore you can also customize the color of each of the Series by either using the color picker or by entering a hex color code into the adjoining text field (# pre-fix not required). The order of the Series can be changed, by selecting any one series and then using the up or down arrow button to reposition the selected Series.