Overview > Registration

The following steps explain the registration process:

  1. Open the Dreamweaver application - you'll find that a FusionCharts for DW tab has appeared in the Insert toolbar. In case, the Insert toolbar is not displayed - bring it up by selecting Insert from the Windows menu.
  2. Activate the FusonCharts for DW tab by clicking on it, you would notice that a tool bar has been displayed right below the Insert toolbar - this is the FusionCharts for DW toolbar. Next, click the Insert Simple Chart/Insert Composed Chart button which is located on the FusionCharts for DW toolbar - to bring up the FusionCharts for DW interface. You will be prompted to enter the license key, enter the license key into the provided text field and click the OK button - this completes the installation and registration process, you are now ready to create charts for your sites using FusionCharts for DW. In case you encounter any problem while registering FusionCharts for DW - please refer the FAQ page for assistance.