Frequently Asked Questions

In this section we have provided answers to some of the most common problems encountered by users of FusionCharts for Dreamweaver.

I got an error message when I tried registering FusionCharts for DW, how do I solve this problem?

The error message could be due to many different reasons, an error code will be displayed as a part of the error message - choose a solution from the list (below) which corresponds to the error code displayed on your screen.

Can I plot Columns and lines on a single chart - if yes, where do I find the option for configuring such a chart?

Charts which contain more then one type of data plots are referred to as combination charts. Fusion Charts for DW offers several types of combination charts, in order to configure a combination chart - you will have to invoke the interface using 'Insert Composed Charts' button. You will find all available combination charts listed under the 'Chart Selection' tab.

Can I prefix currency symbols to numeric values?

Yes - FusionCharts for DW supports both number prefixing and number suffixing. You can specify characters as a prefix or as a suffix to all numeric values - from the 'Number Formatting' panel which is displayed under the 'General Options' tab. You will not find the number prefix or number suffix option in the 'Number Formatting' panel unless you have checked the 'Show advanced options' check box which is located in the top portion of the 'General Options' screen.

The chart displays colored bands even after I have changed the canvas color, how do I solve this problem?

The colored bands are actually alternatively colored grids; you can disable the alternate coloring of grids from the 'Dic Lines & Grids' panel which is located under the 'Chart Selection' tab. The 'Div Lines & Grids' panel will be displayed only if the 'Show advanced options' check box has been selected. In order to disable alternate coloring of grids - just turn off the 'showAlternateGridColor' parameter.

I am trying to create a multi column stacked chart with two series, but the chart renders as a single series chart - how do I solve the problem?

It seems you haven't grouped the series, to learn how to configure a multi column stacked chart = please go through the following link.

Creating a Multi Series Stacked Chart

How do I remove a color which has been accidentally added to the 'gradientEditor'?

FusionCharts for DW allows you to configure rich gradient colors the background and the canvas of the chart. In case you have accidentally added an extra clor into the 'gradientEditor' - you can remove the extra gradient by selecting the slider icon corresponding to the color you wish to remove and then dragging the slider beyond the edge of the gradient editor.