RainRipplesEffect class - Public properties

AS Name
Defined by
Inherited animated Boolean Controls whether the animation inside the target movie clip will be preserved during the effect EffectBase
Inherited container Sprite The Sprite object that will contain the text effect properties EffectBase
Inherent delayBetweenDrops Number The time delay introduced between the effect pieces RainRipplesEffect
Inherent displaceX Number The horizontal intensity of the effect RainRipplesEffect
Inherent displaceY Number The vertical intensity of the effect RainRipplesEffect
Inherited easingType String Indicates which easing type the effect will follow EffectBase
Inherent fade Number The opacity level applied on the movie clip as the effect enters/exits the stage RainRipplesEffect
Inherent maxRippleSize Number The maximum size a rain drop can have during the effect RainRipplesEffect
Inherent minRippleSize Number The minimum size a rain drop can have during the effect RainRipplesEffect
Inherited progress Number A numerical value between 0 and 1 which indicates at which point the effect running process is on its timeline EffectBase
Inherited properties String A String containing all the effect properties EffectBase
Inherent rainIntensity Number The strength of the ripple effect, expressed as a percentage RainRipplesEffect
Inherited reversed Boolean This Boolean parameter, transforms the in effect in an Out effect, by reversing the progress sense EffectBase
Inherited target Sprite The instance name of the target movie clip EffectBase