Interface Name
AS Name
The General Tab
Target _targetInstance String The instance name of the scroller to be applied on
Auto Position autoPos Boolean Enables automatic positioning and dimensioning with respect to the Scroll Area ([true,false])
User skin name userSkinName String Custom skin name
Skins skin String Available skins (default + Extend Studio) and Custom Skin option (for example, “theme1”)
Color Skin 1 skinColor1 Color Color for the default state of the scrolling buttons and knob (for example: “000000” - black)
Color Skin 2 skinColor2 Color Color for the UP and ON-CLICK states of the scrolling buttons (for example: “000000” - black)
Use default skin color recolorIni Boolean Change the skin colors (1 and 2) to their default values
Skin chooser usrSkins String Custom skin setter. Default value: "usrSkinName:;scrollLeftOffset:0;scrollRightOffset:0;scrollKnobOffset:0;scrollTrackOffset:0"
Scroll Step _scrollStep Number The number of pixels for one step of scrolling
Continuous Scroll Delay _scrollDelay Number The waiting time (in miliseconds) before scrolling starts
Knob Autoresize resizeScrollKnob Boolean Enables resizing with respect to the scrolling area's size and the movieclip's size ([true,false])