Configuring the behaviors (Behaviors Tab)

From this panel we can modify various aspects connected to the scrolling: type, mouse relative settings. As well, we can modify the visual effects that will be attached to the scrolling (scrolling enhancements).

Configuring the behaviors

Configuring the behaviors

The Scrolling type

The first element we can change in this tab is the scrolling type; there are 5 types:

Using a custom cursor

You can use your own personalized cursor. All you have to do is create a movie clip in the Library, export the movie clip for ActionScript and follow the naming rules; the required names are given according with the scrolling behavior: "cursorABS" for "Mouse absolute", "cursorREL" and "cursorREL_pause" for "Mouse relative", "cursorTOUCH" and "cursorTOUCH_hold" for "Touch scroll" and "Reversed touch scroll". You can read more about this in the "How to use a custom cursor" tutorial.

Mouse relative settings