Interface Name
AS Name
The General Tab
Target _targetInstanceName String Name of the movie clip on which the Scroller will be applied on. This parameter goes together with Target Type - for both options (Stage/Library Item). If no Traget Type is selected, the default option will be Stage Item
Target Type targetType String Directions to the location of the target ([Stage Item, Library Item])
Use Mouse Wheel useMouseWheel Boolean Enable mouse wheel scrolling ([true,false])
Mouse Scroll Step mouseStep Number The number of pixels for one step of scrolling with the mouse wheel
Smooth Scrolling smooth Boolean Smooths the scrolling. If activated the motion of the scrolling effect will stop progressively otherwise it will stop at once. If unckeched it will overwrite the blur setting and the blur will be disabled
Smooth Duration smoothDuration Number The duration (in frames) of the smoothing effect
Motion Blur addBlur Boolean Adds a blurring effect to the scrolling motion ([true,false])
Blur Level blurLevel String Blurring prominence ([high, medium, low])
The Mask Tab
Disable automask noMask Boolean If enabled, the Scroller masking behavior will be removed and all the targeted movie clip will appear in the .swf file
Custom mask myMask String Takes a movie clip from the library to use as a custom-sized mask
Transparent mask _tranMask String Set the mask type; there are three options available: "None", "Vertical" and "Horizontal"
Opaque zone size _tranMaskSz Number The size of the visible scrolling area with the alpha gradient horizontal/vertical mask applied
The Behavior Tab
Scrolling Type scrollBehavior String The enabled type of scrolling ([Mouse Relative, Mouse Absolute, Touch Scroll, Reversed Touch Scroll, Scrollbar Only])
Custom cursor symbol name customCursorSymbolName String The library symbol name used as custom cursor( the option 'Export for Action Script' must be checked )
No Mouse Scroll X noMScrollW Number Width of inactive scrolling area
No Mouse Scroll Y noMScrollH Number Height of inactive scrolling area
Mouse Scroll Speed mScrollSpeed Number Scrolling speed for Mouse Relative behavior
Use Key Scroll useKeyScroll Boolean Enables keyboard scroll behavior
The Border Tab
Border Type borderType String The type of the border to be used ([None, Simple, Inset, Outset])
Border Color borderLineColor Color The color of the border to be used (for example: “000000” - black)
Border Thickness borderWidth Number The thickness of the border to be used (expressed in pixels)
X Margin xMargin Number The distance (in pixels) between the left and right borders and scrolling area
Y Margin yMargin Number The distance (in pixels) between the top and bottom borders and scrolling area