Configuring the borders (Borders Tab)

From this panel you can control the scroll borders and margins.

Configuring the borders

Configuring the borders

Border settings

From the first section of the tab you can configure a border for the scroll area.

Border type:

Border color:

Click on the color and you will see a color chooser similar to the one in Flash or just type in the hexadecimal value of the color in the adjacent text box (for example, black is 000000).

Border thickness:

From the border thickness you can set the width of the border in pixels. Note: inset and outset border types will ignore your thickness size and make the border 2 pixels.

Margin settings

Margins refer to a white space between the image and the border. The first one controls the left and right sides and the last one the top and bottom sides. The numbers you insert in the text box represent the width of the margins, in pixels.