AS Name
cDimCheck() : Void Checks the dimensions of the scrolling area and tells the scrollbars to resize, if needed.
scroll(direction: String, fast: Boolean = false, distance: Number = NaN, duration: Number = NaN) : void Main method of the component. All other scroll methods call this function. It scrolls in the specified direction with a number of pixels equal with "distance" parameter. if the "fast" parameter is set to true, it will simply jump the distance. Duration parameter can be used to override the tweens durations.
stepScroll(direction: String, distance: Number) : void Scrolls in the specified direction for a given number of pixels
contScroll(direction: String, distance: Number, delay: Number) : void Creates a timer object that keeps scrolling in the specified direction until a stop function is called.
scrollTo(orientation: String, position: Number, use_percent: Boolean = false) : void Scrolls horizontaly or verticaly to a specified position. It can also use percentage.
stopScrolling() : void Stops all scrolling.
stopTimerScrolling() : void Stops the continuous scroll timer that was initialized with "contScroll".