Submenu configuration

The part of the “Animations” tab is divided in three sections: “Submenu Button Animation”, “Submenu Behavior” and “Submenu Animation”.

Submenu configuration

Submenu configuration

The “Submenu Button Animation” section can be configured using three options.

The “Effect” parameter allows you to choose an effect from the drop-down list in order to set-up how the effect will animate on rollover.

The second parameter here, “Use reverse effect”, adds a reversed effect on rollout, if enabled.

From the other parameter present here you can set-up the duration of the effects; the value you insert in this text field is expressed in frames (thirty frames are the equivalent of one second).

From the “Submenu Behavior” section you can configure how the submenu will act; you can set-up the submenu to open on a click or on rollover and as well you can add a delay for opening or closing (expressed in frames – thirty frames equal a second).

The “Submenu Animation” section controls the effect and the effect duration for the submenu; you can choose to use a reverse effect on rollout as well. The novelty present here is the “Fix text after alpha effect” option; when enabled, the text will become clearer after the running of an alpha-effect (for example, “Fade”).