Frequently asked questions

In this section you can find a list of our customers' most frequent questions regarding Creative DW Image Effects. As soon as our Support team gathers new questions from your emails and from yours posts on the Forum, they will be centralized here. If you have a question, a suggestion or a tutorial request, please contact us at and we will answer promptly.

Q1: Why do I get a security warning and I cannot see the expected results?

A1: The security warning given by Flash Player appears because you are testing the page locally; when you will upload your files on the web, the message will disappear. In order to solve the problem and be able to test the page on your computer, you have to allow the file to be displayed properly, from the Flash Player settings. More information about this you can find by visiting the „How to test a website locally” tutorial.

Q2: Why do I not see the entire image in the generated „.swf” file (I see only a cropped part of it)?

A2: As in Dreamweaver, working with Creative Dw Image Effects must be done very exact with respect to the dimensions of the elements. When you insert an image path, our product automatically fills in the width and height of the generated „.swf” file. Problems might appear when you want to insert a value for the top or left spacing or when you are using an effect that redimensions the image (especially enlarges it – refection, image border, perspective and so forth); what I recommend is that, in a case similar to those mentioned before, you compute how much the dimension will increase and then modify the final dimensions of the „.swf” file (the width and height).

Q3: I tried to insert an address in the Link text field, but when I click on the image in the browser, nothing happens. Why?

A3: When writing paths to websites on the web, you should use the following structure: If you get the warning message because you are testing locally, please read the first question.