Tips & Tricks

- For the Simple Image Effects, Static effects section, Glow effect: a very good-looking glow effect is obtained by adding a light color (white, light grey, light green or yellow) over a solid colored background. Be careful that the color of the glow and the color of the background advantage each other.

- For the Simple Image Effects, Static effects section, Shadow effect: in order to obtain a realistic shadow, use a low value for the strength and a high value for the transparency.

- For the Simple Image Effects, Static effects section, Perspective effect: as this effect uses three rotation axes, the possibilities of configuration are endless. However, the effect of a paper laying on a desk is obtained using the same configuration from the sample gallery (Rotation Angle X=290, Rotation Angle Y=0, Rotation Angle Z=330).

- For the Simple Image Effects, Dynamic effects section, Perspective effect: for the best results, use light colors as color masks, so that your image will still be highly visible.

- For the Rollover Image Effects, Rollover effects: a duration of one second for the effects is a default value that works for most cases with our product.

- When you are inserting the path to the image(s) in the Image path text field, it is better to use the Browse button to avoid broken paths.

- The Presets of Creative Dw Image Effects are created to deal with an important use-case of the product - the multiple usage on the same webpage/website. In case that a previously saved preset (which is used with many images in as many instances of Creative Dw Image Effects) is modified and then saved and replaced under the same name, all the instances of the product using that preset will be modified accordingly; like this, a lot of time, work and energy is saved.