Setting up the general configuration

For this part of the extension configuration, we are interested only in one part of the interface:

Simple Image Effects general configuration

Simple Image Effects general configuration

In order to use Image Effects, we have to start by specifying the path to our file – the image whose appearance we would like to improve. For this, there is the very helpful and popular “Browse” button that can help us navigate through files and folders for an easier access to our file; as well, you can manually write the path to the image.

Next we can modify the dimensions of the resulted “.swf” file – the initial image with the added effects. For this, there are two specially created parameters, “Width” and “Height”.

An option that can prove itself helpful in some situations is the spacing option, which places the image at a distance with respect to the top and left sides of the ".swf" object's border. It can be configured from the two text fields – “Left spacing” and “Top spacing”. It's very easy to use, just insert the amount of pixels you prefer.

Probably the option which will maximize your image editing efficiency is “Preview”; using this option,you can preview how your image will look like after applying some effects over it – no more browser layout testing until you are satisfied with the final image appearance. The effects I was talking about are presented in the next two sections.

If you would like to link your image to a special location (optional action), you can do that from the “Link” option; just type in the path to the location of the link. As in Dreamweaver's properties panel, we can select where our link will be opened – _self, _blank, _parent, _top or in a specific frame etc. An interesting option we have added to our product, which I'm sure you are familiar with, is the “Alternative text” option (not mandatorily required as well); while the “.swf” file is loading in a browser (the size optimization of Image Effects is very good, but still it's an edited image so it could load pretty slow on a low-rate Internet connection), you can setup a text that will appear instead (in order to let the user know what will be loaded there shortly).