Rollover Image Effects

Click on the “Insert Rollover Image Effects” to open the configuration panel.

There are two more options: “Edit Rollover Image Effects” and “Delete Rollover Image Effects”. If you want to edit one of the modules in your webpage, select it and click “Edit Rollover Image Effects”; its configuration panel will open.

In order to delete one, select it and click “Delete Rollover Image Effects”; a warning window will appear asking you if you are sure you want to delete it - click Ok and the edited image will be deleted.

Delete warning message

Delete warning message

When we select “Insert Rollover Image Effects”, we'll obtain the configuration panel, divided in four parts: main settings, static effects configurations, rollover effect and presets.

Rollover Image effects configuration interface

Rollover Image Effects configuration interface

Setting up the general configuration

Applying static effects on both images

Create a transition using a rollover effect

Working with presets

Sample gallery