We have created our product for two main tasks: applying effects on an image and creating transitions between two images (using some cool rollover effects). With the Single Image Module, the user can upload an image and then apply an effect over it – from a large number of static or dynamic effects; the Rollover Image Module works like an extension to the first part. The user can upload two images, apply some static effects on them, and create a rollover effect between the resulting images.

The result generated by Image Effects will be a „.swf” file – very easy to embed in Dreamweaver.

In order to use Image Effects, we have to access it from Dreamweaver's Insert menu situated on the top of the screen; if you don't see it, open it by accessing Window>Insert or by pressing CTRL+F2.

Dreamweaver Insert menu

The Insert menu is displayed in the following image; you can find Image Effects among its items, after you installed it.

Creative Dw Image Effects menu

Image Effects menu

From this panel you can add, edit and delete instances of our product to/from your stage. The first three refer to the Single Image Module, while the other three to the Rollover Image Module.