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Creative DW Menu Pack is a suite of Dreamweaver extensions that seamlessly blends the flexibility of DHTML and the Flash look and feel to create beautifully web site menus.  The extension comes with over 30 built in skins that can be customized to suit the design (colors, fonts, size) and include a smart resize system that preserves round corners and the gradient fills when you change the menu size. 

cr dw menus types

    Dreamweaver menu extension - no coding required

  • Create drop-down, vertical and tab menu using Dreamweaver
  • Creating a new menu takes minutes! No need to hunt for scripts anymore nor making changes in complicated code - all changes are done from the interface

  • Generate dynamic menus on the fly
  • You can generate dynamic menus using PHP, ASP VB or ColdFusion and your database of choice without writing a line of code

  • Unlimited menu levels with ease
  • You can create an unlimited levels menu structure from the interface or use a database and the menus will automatically know how to display the submesnus.

  • No hand-coding - the menus are created from the Dreamweaver interface
  • If you are not a coder, don't worry. All you need to do is use the interface to create the menu structure, choose the skin and the effects, then upload.

  • Menus can be easily managed across the web site
  • It does not matter if your site has one page or one hundred, the menu extension knows how to update the changes in all site pages.

  • Changes are easy to see
  • Feel like playing with the settings to see which looks better in your site? Easy! You can preview your menu directly in the Creative DW Menus Pack interface.

cr dw menu effects

    Dreamweaver menus skins and effects

  • 35 button effects to choose from
  • This Dreamweaver extension blends two of the best menu technologies - DHTML and FLASH and comes with more than 30 button effects to choose from: fade menu effect, Rollover effect, Reveal or Slide effect and many more. You can also customize your submenus with different submenu animation effects.

  • 30 skins in the library, with advanced styling system to customize the menu colors & fonts
  • You can choose special fonts for your menu, or for the submenu. Customize the theme colors of the menu the way you want them. Pick a new color for the menu, and a new one for the submenu, and you'll see how easy is to use the interface.


cr dw menus specifications

    Dreamweaver menus - easy to implement in any site

  • Liquid menu layouts, round corners and gradients
  • If you want a more realistic menu, you can make round corner menus gradient colors and liquid menu layouts.

    If you changed a theme and want to save it then use the preset tab and save your work. The next time you want to make a cool menu in Dreamweaver you can use your preset.

  • Easy HTML integration in both DIV and TABLE based layouts
  • If you're website is build with divs, the Creative DW Menus Pack can easily be integrated within divs. If you use tables, our Dreamweaver extension can easily be integrated with your design as well.

  • SEO friendly Flash menus
  • The Creative DW Menus Pack can be indexed by search engines even it makes a flash menu. You can be sure that indexing won't be a problem.

  • Multi language character supported
  • Creative DW Menus Pack supports multilanguage characters so it can be used with different languages, not just English.

  • W3C compliant code
  • The generated web menus are compatible with all major browsers and are SEO friendly, making all pages accessible to the search engines.

  • Works with the latest Dreamweaver versions
  • The Creative DW Menus Pack extension works with CS3, CS4 and the latest CS5


cr dw menus tutorials

    Dreamweaver Menu tutorials

  • Menu Tutorial
  • See the full product documentation.


  • Menu Video
      Video Tutorials
    • Dynamic menu creation - Get up to speed quickly with this video tutorial