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Creative DW Menu Pack is a suite of Dreamweaver extensions that seamlessly blends the flexibility of DHTML and the Flash look and feel to create beautifully web site menus.  The extension comes with over 30 built in skins that can be customized to suit the design (colors, fonts, size) and include a smart resize system that preserves round corners and the gradient fills when you change the menu size. 



Getting Started Tutorials

Advanced Tutorials

  • Create 2 dependent dynamic menus with Creative DW Menus Developer
    Ever wanted to create a site with one main menu and a secondary menu that shows depending on what you have selected in the main menu? I bet you did, and if it sounded too complicated, well, it's not. All you need to have is a nice menu system that knows how to create the menu entries from a database, 2 database tables and very few PHP&MySQL skills to create the relation between the menus.
  • Adding A Dreamweaver Flash Menu Into Wordpress
    In this tutorial will cover the basics in adding a Dreamweaver tab menu inside the Wordpress header. We will create a nice looking menu with Flash effects in Dreamweaver using the Creative DW Menus extension, then, we will go through the steps of integrating the menus in a standard Wordpress Installation.


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