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Your browser doesn't support modern features such as CSS3, therefore you will see only a simple fade effect instead of animations. To view other them, use a more modern browser.
jquery Power Slider 2 for Dreamweaver Demos and samples

Bundled skins demo

In this quick demo, you can preview all the bundled skins. Use the skin changer dropdown below to choose the skin, and the devices control to see how it will look on when viewed on that device.

Browsers support

Power Slider 2 uses modern technologies such as CSS3 Transitions& Transform.
(where available, e.g: modern browsers) for smooth animations that works great on modern browsers
On Legacy browsers (such as Internet Explorer 7 or 8) due to performance and technology limitations,
the effects are simplified to a fade animation.

Mobile devices support

Power Slider 2 works on modern touch enabled mobile devices.
Instead of hover action, all you need to do is tap or long tap on the image with hover effect added
and the effect will be played.