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How to create Image Slideshow with Dreamweaver and Creative DW Image Show PRO

With Image Show PRO, you can create animated Flash slideshows from your pictures using just Dreamweaver and it doesn’t require you to have Flash or Flash knowledge. Unlike other Slideshow extensions that just flip the pictures, with Image Show PRO you can create movie like effects and animate your static pictures. Using the rich GUI you can configure every aspect of the motion effect: speed, motion direction, number of pieces, rotation, alpha and add some finishing touches like a soundtrack or background enhancements like a glass effect, borders, etc. In this tutorial I will show you how to create a show from A to Z. I will concentrate on individualizing each slide in order to obtain a varied and great-looking result. (more…)

Create a Drop Down Menu in Dreamweaver with Creative DW Drop Down Menu

In this tutorial we’re going to Create a Drop Down Menu in Dreamweaver using Creative DW Drop Down Menu. We will go through:

- the General tab;
- the Layout tab;
- the Animation tab;
- the Text tab.

This tutorial was made using:

Creative DW Drop Down Menu

Creative DW Drop Down Menu With Creative DW Drop Down MenuCreate Drop Down animated Flash menus in Dreamweaver 8, CS3 and CS4. 30 skins and over 35 button effects, 100% customizable, Liquid menu layouts, round corners and gradients, Advanced styling system to customize the menu colors & fonts, from the user interface.
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Finally, we’ll obtain an „.html” file which will contain our result – a dropdown menu. I’m going to show you how the menu looks like after every step and as well a final version of it; like this, you’ll get a glimpse of the menu’s high customizability. In order to be able to do this tutorial, the first thing you have to do is install Creative DW Drop Down Menus extension on your computer; if you encounter any problems doing that, check out the “How to install an extension” tutorial. Another important thing you should consider is the creation of a website in Dreamweaver before you start the work; “How to create a website” can help you if any problems occur. (more…)

How to create a simple In Effect with Creative TextFX v2

In this tutorial we will use Creative TextFX to create an In Effect that we will leave on the stage; you will see how fast and powerful the component is and also how easy it is to start using it.

Firstly I just want to remind you that, in order to be able to solve the tutorial, you will need the Creative TextFX extension installed on your computer; if you encounter any problems while doing that, please visit the “How to install an extension” tutorial.

Click here to download the source file and the required files for solving this tutorial. (more…)

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