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Create an Animated Sales Chart with FusionCharts for Dreamweaver

In this tutorial we will show you how easy is to create any web charts your sales department would need to track the overall sales statistics. The Animated web charts are generated on the fly based on the database values, so your sales department will always have the most up to date reports. In order to obtain the company’s sales for the last quarter of 2008, we have added the data in the table column referring to the value of the sales as a chart’s data series. The series will be grouped and displayed “by month” and a sum will be applied on the data values for each month (October, November, December, as the chart describes the last quarter of the year); all SQL queries needed to organize the data will be automatically generated based on a few options configured from the FusionCharts for DW user interface.

This tutorial was made using:

FusionCharts for Dreamweaver – Developer version

FusionCharts for Dreamweaver FusionCharts for Dreamweaver is a Charting Extension that can be used to render interactive animated charts for web applications and presentations. FusionCharts for Dreamweaver (Developer Edition) offers support for a myriad of web technologies like PHP, ASP VB, HTML and virtually any database supported by Dreamweaver including MS SQL, Oracle & MySQL.


FlexiMenu JS Dreamweaver giveaway on Tripwire magazine!

Tripwire magazine published today a very nice article on our FlexiMenu JS and they are making a giveaway! If you have tested the product, you can participate in the giveaway – maybe you’ll be one of the lucky winners that will get to use the product for free: 3 licenses will be given away to readers. All you have to do to participate is to retweet the Tripwire article and leave a comment Twitter status url before 06/08/2009. (more…)

FlexiMenu JS for Dreamweaver – Developer version – released

Yep, another late evening release (are there any other kinds?) – we just released FlexiMenu JS for Dreamweaver – Developer version. I will get you through the main features, but first let me say that this is the first Extend Studio Dreamweaver extension that allows web designers to generate animated website menus dynamically using PHP, ASP or Coldfusion and any supported Dreamweaver database.

Unlike other solutions, FlexiMenu JS generate Javascript based menus and come with over 15 built in skins and 30 effects (and don’t worry if you need more skins, you can build your own!).

FlexiMenus JS – Developer Edition

  • Organize data, create and configure animated JavaScript menus dynamically without writing manual code
  • Define the menu design from the GUI, pull data using a Dreamweaver recordset
  • Server-side languages: PHP, ASP, Coldfusion
  • Multiple databases support including MS SQL, Oracle & MySQL
  • Select which recordset generates the menu
  • Select the column that contains the unique Menu IDs
  • Select the parent ID column for unlimited depth menus
  • Reads different columns for buttons, section header and separators
  • Dynamically set labels, links and links target from the database

And a screenshot:

FlexiMenu JS for Dreamweaver - Developer version

FlexiMenu JS for Dreamweaver - Developer version

Price starts at $79.99 so you might want to have a look and download the trial:
Download a free trial of   FlexiMenus JS for Dreamweaver

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