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InBrowser Editing: Dreamweaver menu extension directly in your browser

Not sure about you but I always hated to upload files and check changes with F12 when working with any Dreamweaver extension. To make things even worse, if you don’t know what files an extension works with, you have to upload all site files! Change a border? Update from the extension interface, upload the files, press F12 to see if this realy does what you need it to do. Annoying!

Well, I may say I finally got what I wanted! Being extensions developers ourselves we always knew we should do something about it. And we have invested InBrowse Editing for our latest Dreamweaver menu extension: FlexiMenuJS. Let me say how it works, it’s quite fantastic.  Basically what happens is that you can use FlexiMenuJS like a regular Dreamweaver extension – doing everything from the Dreamweaver interfaces:

FlexiMenuJS Dreamweaver Interface

FlexiMenuJS Dreamweaver Interface

Then, we thought: what if you could use your browser to make all the menu changes and see them live without saving? Great! That’s how the InBrowser Editing appeared. See for yourself, I’m still under heavy jubilation:

Open InBrowser Editing for Dropdown Menu
Open InBrowser Editing for Vertical Menu
Open InBrowser Editing for Tabbed Menu

What do you think?

FlexiMenu JS Enterprise featured on Intel Business Exchange with 50%off!

Starting today our newest product, FlexiMenu JS (Enterprise version) is featured on the Intel Business Exchange Software Store with a very special price: 50% off. This offer is only available on the Intel site.

Intel Business Exchange

Intel Business Exchange

With FlexiMenus JS Developer you can create animated JavaScript Drop-Down, Tabbed and Vertical Menus, in PHP, ASP and Coldfusion and your database of choice. Unlimited sites and unlimited number of users.

The Developer Enterprise License authorizes product usage for unlimited time, on unlimited number of workstations (PC/MAC), for unlimited number of websites, for all available tehnologies (PHP, ASP, ColdFusion).

Find out more about the special offer and FlexiMenuJS Enterprise.

How to make a Flash preloader using Actionscript 3


This is my first post on the Extend Studio blog as I didn’t have the chance to write until now. I will try to do this more often from now on. I plan to make all my posts helpful and fun. I will post tutorials, links to interesting websites and best practices as well as a more inside look of the Extend Studio company.

We created many tutorials for our products until now and we will continue to increase our tutorial library with new additions each week. But we don’t want to stop and create tutorials for our extensions. We want to be as helpful as we can and we will begin to post various how-to-make tutorials about issues that we noticed that our customers need help with. Also, we are open for tutorial ideas and requests. You can either post them here or our forum and we will take your request into consideration.

While building this tutorial I got the idea that an easy to use pre-build preloader might be helpful if you don’t want or don’t have time to build one yourself. I’ve created a little preloader class that can be used to load your swf’s with. There are some movieclips already built that you can just drag and drop on the stage and then insert the path to your swf and the preloader class will handle the rest. If you want more details about this preloader, download its package from here. You will find a usage manual inside the package. Now, back to the tutorial.

In this tutorial I will teach you how to make a Flash preloader using Actionscript 3. The idea is that we will create a very small swf that we will use to load your main swf file using the Actionscript 3 Loader class. Because the preloader will be a very small swf, you don’t have to worry that it will take much time until the preloader itself is downloaded. (more…)

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