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Do you look at the Dreamweaver about page?

dw_about_smallI don’t know, have you ever looked at the Dreamweaver about page (and wait to scroll to the contributing team)? I remember in my early days I was looking at the Photoshop splash screen and thinking, WOW, if you work at the product you get to see your name there! I didn’t give it too much thought in the last years, but last night I’ve got a screenshot from one of our customers that included the about page from Dreamweaver CS4.


A perfect Holiday, Extend Studio style

Some of you already know that my idea of a perfect vacation involves a motorcycle, some mountains and no internet connection (well, some connection is good each couple of days). Also some of our customers and friends sent us pictures from their summer Holidays so I have to give you some insights about mine!

This time I had a tour in the Austrian Alps with my motorcycling buddies. And to make the Holiday Extend Studio style, I’ve made a bet with my colleagues that I will sell more FlexiMenus JS while away than in a regular week – I did a “50% discount on FlexiMenus” newsletter for this, a man has to do what a man has to do :) )

I found out at my return that I won the prize:  The Orange box collection for PS3, so thanks for helping me win the bet!

Got some pictures:

Tura in Alpi cu Vlad Septembrie 2009 (1)

Tura in Alpi cu Vlad Septembrie 2009 (1)

Tura in Alpi cu Vlad Septembrie 2009 (1)

Tura in Alpi cu Vlad Septembrie 2009 (2)

I wish you all a wonderful week and happy coding!

How to create a Drop-up menu for the site footer with FlexiMenus JS


Ever wanted to create JavaScript menus, downloaded one from a scripts site and had a hard time making the menus work the way you want? These times are over. In this tutorial we will change a static footer menu into a multilevel JavaScript menu with drop-up effects, without writing a single line of code.

This tutorial was made using:

Creative DW Menus Developer version

FlexiMenus JS for Dreamweaver FlexiMenus JS is a JavaScript menu extension for Dreamweaver. Thanks to the powerful styling system, every menu design element can be individually customized with new fonts, colors, margins, images and text styles. FlexiMenus JS for Dreamweaver comes with 30 eye-catching transition effects like Fade, Slide, Reveal and 15 menus skins that can be managed from the Dreamweaver UI, with no coding required.
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