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New Tutorial: Create a panoramic image slideshow in Dreamweaver

In this tutorial we will make a moving panorama slideshow using Creative DW ImageshowPro and Dreamweaver. We will create movement from static pictures, and adding effects between the pictures. Most tourism or presentation sites could use a slideshow to showcase pictures and that’s so easy to create!

Read the slideshow tutorial.

We are hiring: ActionScript R&D (Flash/Flex)

Love to work in ActionScript, make cool Flash stuff or do some Flex coding?

Unleash the geek inside and get paid for it:

•    Research and investigate the latest techniques from Flash Actionscript evangelists
•    Get involved in the creation Adobe Flash extensions
•    Develop rich user interfaces and web 2.0 applications with Adobe Flex
•    Coach your colleagues  into using Flash/Flex technologies


•    Each of these skills will get you a job here:

  • love tinkering with emerging technologies and learn quickly
  • experience in client-side development (ActionScript, Flash, HTML/ Javascript)
  • OOP and programming algorithms advanced know-how
  • good understanding of Flash and XML

•    And these will get you beer from the rest of the team (nice to have):

  • experience in creating flash components and tools
  • creativity and artistic sense
  • some knowledge of server-side scripting (PHP)
  • some knowledge of JavaScript
  • basic understanding of SQL databases

Location: Bucharest, Romania

To apply send the CVs on hr(at)

Almost 10.000 FlexiPanels downloads on the Adobe exchange and hundreds of happy customers

Back in September we were happy to say FlexiPanels CSS got listed as a Staff pick on Adobe Exchange. Less than 2 months later, we are happy again: almost 10.000 downloads and hundreds of happy customers coming from the Exchange alone!


And what do the customer say?

  • “I just want to say that this FlexiPanels is one of the most creative springboards for design I have ever seen in an extension. I just tried it out last night and bought it right away. Unlike other extensions that are helpful, this one is inspiring and helps me think outside the box, in everything from color schemes to layout designs. I haven’t even started the tutorial on creating my own themes yet!
    Thanks, Jeff”

    Peterson Design Studio
  • I´ve never seen anything better! Easy to use and with a excellent result. Wow!
    Richard Jensen

and many more like them.

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