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How to setup a simple site in Dreamweaver

Setting up a site environment in Dreamweaver is very easy and it’s always better when creating more than a simple HTML page. For example, if you also use Dreamweaver extensions to ease up the work, they usually create additional files and folders which should be placed in a “site” environment.


Setup a local testing server for Dreamweaver dynamic applications

How to set up a PHP&MySQL testing server on your PC or MAC

Do you need to create dynamic sites, for example generate menus or web charts based on database values or save a contact form in the database ?  To run dynamic web applications you need a server (Apache) a server-side language (PHP) and a database (Mysql). These are provided by the hosting companies for the live application (you should check yours) but if you build dynamic webpages using Dreamweaver then you’re also going to need a local testing server so you could test the application on your machine before deployment on the live server.

dynamic content


Bypassing Flash Security Warning when testing locally

I think that one of the first issues you have to deal with when creating your first Flash projects using the Extend Studio Flash components is to bypass the Flash Security warnings when testing locally. Of course, you could upload the files somewhere online, but testing locally is faster and easier, except that both MAC and Windows will not allow you to run the generated Flash locally by default.


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