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17 website optimization tips for Web Developers

A few posts ago, we have started talking about website optimization tips and promised will follow up with more stuff later. Good news, we have compiled a list of 17 essential optimization tips to make your website load faster, to simplify your CSS rules and JavaScript code and many other bits and pieces that every Web developer should know.

First we will talk about some performance rules for your website.  One way to check for your website performance is to have the Yslow extension for Firefox Firebug installed. Here is how to install and use the Yslow plugin. And below you can see a picture how it looks like.


Sneak peak into the new Creative Flash Scroller AS3

The new version comes with AS3 support, improved interface and improved documentation

With Creative Flash Scroller you can scroll any kind of Flash Content: static text, dynamic text, pictures, animations, movies. It comes with multiple scroll behaviors: touch scroll, mouse gesture scroll, scrollbar scroll and even supports mouse wheel behavior. You can add smooth scrolling or motion blur effects and customize it to suit your design, from an easy to use interface.

What’s new in the AS3 version?

  • ActionScript 3 control- If you are a coder you can manage the scroller directly from ActionScript. The component uses AS2 or AS3 methods, events and properties which gives you full control over the behaviors
  • Easy to use interface – The component comes now with a flash like user interface in the Component Inspector. The learning curve is almost instant
flash scroller picture 1
flash scroller picture 2
flash scroller picture 3
flash scroller picture 4
flash scroller picture 5
flash scroller picture 6
  • Improved documentation, including videos.

Release date and pricing for the Creative Flash Scroller AS3

All current AS2 customers will get the AS3 version upgrade for free after the release on April 14th! New customers will be able to get the AS3 version at an introductory price for until April 30th. Register here to be the first to hear when the release is made public and take advantage of the introductory price.

How to create and use Dreamweaver’s Spry Tabs

When you have lots and lots of things to show on a Webpage to the point it becomes unreadable what do you do? You try to split the content on several pages. The old way to do this was to create separate pages and the user could browse and open various content sections in new pages. The new way to do this is to create a single page that shows the first section of content and hides the rest. Viewing the rest of the content sections is possible without reloading the page, which makes things very fast. Dreamweaver’s Spry Tabs are an easy way to display several content sections without refreshing the page. To give you an example, have a look at this page were you can browse through samples of Vertical, Tabbed and Dropdown menus without reloading the page. Sweet isn’t it? Let me show you how I did the sample page (tutorial explains also how to do the 2 columns DIVs that hold the screenshots).


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