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Quick search engine optimization for webdesigners

Nowadays, if you do Web design, you are also required to make some decent SEO optimizations before delivering the site to the customer. Or at least that’s what we found out from our users and it sounds plausible. Problem is that learning SEO, finding the right tools takes time and might not be your favorite pastime. So what if you could check  and get straightforward optimization tips for the most important parameters directly in Firefox?
SenSEO does just that.

SenSEO it`s a Firefox Plugin and it has been integrated with Firebug. SenSEO gives you quick previews on important SEO components from your webpage and optimization tips based on the results.


How to get around the background height 1px IE6 bug

IE 6 is dead but does not surrender! Like everybody else in the Web Design industry I hope IE6 will eventually go away, but in the meanwhile, much to my surprise, it’s still widely used by big US corporations due to a mixture of un-flexible upgrade policies or the “use as it is” trend.

So, for now, the safest bet is to still have a decent layout on IE 6, but you will need some workarounds. For example, doing a 1 pixel height line will not work on IE6, although is a quite decent thing to ask. The “background height 1px IE6 bug” says that instead of seeing a 1px line, IE6 will make it the height of the default font. Here is the code I’m talking about:

<div style=”background-color:#F00; width:600px; height:1px;”></div> – you would expect to see a 1pixel red line correct? Well, it does in all browsers except IE6 – here is a link to test it.

The workaround is quite simple: add a &nbsp; inside the DIV tag and “line-height:1px” at the end of the style used for the div (style can be applied on the div either inline, or through a class). Here we go:

<div style=”background-color:#F00; width:600px; height:1px; line-height:1px”>&nbsp;</div>


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