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Creative Flash Scroller Tutorial – How to build a dynamic news nugget

In this tutorial we will create a dynamic news nugget that reads content from an xml file. It’s very useful when you want to display scrolling news content in a sidebar nugget. In order to create this you’ll need the Creative Flash Scroller AS3 – a Flash component that makes scrolling very easy. Here is how the result should look like:


• Flash CS3 or CS4
• Creative Flash Scroller AS3 (you can download a free trial)

To make it work, you just need a bit of AS3 code. Here is the tutorial to guide you through.

Discount Bonanza

cristian dorobantescu

We’ve moved to bigger and better offices = discount bonanza for you! And thank you!

Last month we moved to a bigger and better office! We choose not to go for a regular office space with cubicles, but to a small villa downtown. We thought this would be better for the creative juices of our engineers and I can actually write this email from the small patio! Of course we couldn’t have done it without you, our Extend Studio friends (Chris are you reading this?), partners and customers.

I wish everybody could have prosperous year the same way we do and maybe our products help you do more with less? Talking about less, let me give you a hand with a discount bonanza that goes until Monday, 10 of May (to purchase use the buy links from this post).

PS: in case you are wondering, all products will be CS5 compatible by Friday, May 07.


Cristian Dorobantescu
Business Development Manager (more…)

17 website optimization tips for Web Developers

A few posts ago, we have started talking about website optimization tips and promised will follow up with more stuff later. Good news, we have compiled a list of 17 essential optimization tips to make your website load faster, to simplify your CSS rules and JavaScript code and many other bits and pieces that every Web developer should know.

First we will talk about some performance rules for your website.  One way to check for your website performance is to have the Yslow extension for Firefox Firebug installed. Here is how to install and use the Yslow plugin. And below you can see a picture how it looks like.


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