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Flexi CSS Layouts reviewed on 10Steps.SG

Not only that we got nice reviews on the Adobe exchange from our customers but Flexi CSS Layouts created quite a buzz amongst bloggers too. Johnson Koh from 10Steps.SG calls Flexi CSS Layouts as a “Brilliant invention” and says:

“Some designers have difficulties in using CSS to form up their web pages so they prefer using tables, which is much easier to visualize the final output. I am happy to get a chance to try out the Flexi CSS Layouts from ExtendStudio.  In short, Flexi CSS Layouts is a Dreamweaver plugin that allows you to create CSS layouts without writing a single code from yourself. ”

Read the review on 10Steps.SG

So, does it make sense to learn CSS if you only do small websites?

Is CSS a viable option for a web designer that only does small sites, or using tables just fits the bill? I remember back in circa 2003 I’ve did my first site using Dreamweaver. Being a marketing guy I was perfectly happy with learning how to do tables. Doing even a 3 columns CSS site looked gibberish to me. Sounds familiar?

But why it seems to be complicated to do table-less designs?

  • Tables always work. There is less code to learn, so chances you do it wrong are less.
  • Table code is easier to understand. Doing HTML tables is quite straightforward, you have the <Table>, <tr>, <td> tags that make things easier to follow. DIVs look the same!
  • Tables designs look the same in most browsers. Being a very basic code even IE6 does a decent job in displaying the content
  • Table designs make no difference for the customers. Most people don’t know how the code behind a site was made.

So, does it make sense to learn CSS if you only do small websites? There are several good reasons why you should switch from a table design to a CSS design, even for a ten pages site. And yes, if you use Dreamweaver there is a very easy way to build CSS sites, even if you don’t know how to code. (more…)

Creating a round corner css website layout

How to build a round corner CSS website with dynamic flash content with Dreamweaver CS5

We all want to build clean CSS web pages, right? But what we could do more than just that and make it have rounded corners, flashy unlimited levels menu and a flash dynamic news feed on the right panel? Something like this web 2.0 template with nice round CSS corners and a right panel with a flash dynamic news feed. Here is my layout:

In order to start building a round corner css site we need to have in mind some things. First of all is the layout of the website,  so let me explain all the elements from my layout. (more…)

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