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How to setup a simple site in Dreamweaver

Setting up a site environment in Dreamweaver is very easy and it’s always better when creating more than a simple HTML page. For example, if you also use Dreamweaver extensions to ease up the work, they usually create additional files and folders which should be placed in a “site” environment.


Setup a local testing server for Dreamweaver dynamic applications

How to set up a PHP&MySQL testing server on your PC or MAC

Do you need to create dynamic sites, for example generate menus or web charts based on database values or save a contact form in the database ? ┬áTo run dynamic web applications you need a server (Apache) a server-side language (PHP) and a database (Mysql). These are provided by the hosting companies for the live application (you should check yours) but if you build dynamic webpages using Dreamweaver then you’re also going to need a local testing server so you could test the application on your machine before deployment on the live server.

dynamic content


New Tutorial: Create a panoramic image slideshow in Dreamweaver

In this tutorial we will make a moving panorama slideshow using Creative DW ImageshowPro and Dreamweaver. We will create movement from static pictures, and adding effects between the pictures. Most tourism or presentation sites could use a slideshow to showcase pictures and that’s so easy to create!

Read the slideshow tutorial.

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