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Using A Dreamweaver Generated Slideshow In Wordpress

One of our customers asked: can I use your Image Show Pro Dreamweaver extension to create a header slideshow in Wordpress? Good thing that I’m a big Wordpress fan and I could quickly drop a slideshow on one of my blogs and see what’s needed to make it work. If you want to have cool flash slideshows with your Wordpress blog or website and you do not have the skills to implement jquery animations or simple you are not a big fan with the coding part, this tutorial will show you how to generate a slideshow in Dreamweaver with Image Show Pro Dreamweaver extension and make it work in a typical Wordpress installation.

It’s easier than you think if you don’t use URL rewrite permalinks.

  • copy the slideshow “/includes” files from the Dreamweaver location to the Wordpress folder (Image Show Pro creates a folder called “includes” in the Dreamweaver site);
  • you will need to manually edit the header.php file (location /wp-content/themes/[your template name]/header.php) and add the 3 JavaScript include files to the head section (please copy the ones from Dreamweaver, below are just samples).

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”/includes/ImageShowPro/flash_detect_min.js”></script>
<script type=”text/javascript” src=”/includes/ImageShowPro/xtdProBanner1.js”></script>
<script type=”text/javascript” src=”/includes/ImageShowPro/xtdProBannerLayout.js”></script>

  • edit the file where you want the slideshow to appear and add the rendering script (for example if you want to replace the typical Wordpress theme with the slideshow, edit the header.php file and add the rendering script there (again, below it’s just a sample): (more…)

Changes in Dreamweaver CS5

With the new release of Adobe Creative Suite CS5 we expected more than a few changes in the Adobe Products. We all had our share of good and bad things when using the CS4 products.

So what have changed after the new CS5 splash screen?

The new Dreamweaver CS5 loading image

New layout for the working environment, better tools for code inspection and testing in CS5

The split view is now vertical by default; it looks a bit unusual if you are used with the old horizontal split view, but from our tests you get used to it fairly quickly as it has the great benefit of showing more code without having to scroll. To help even more, CS5 comes with great additional tools to inspect the code:  a search bar, the CS Live option on the top right part of the interface before the minimize button and next to the Live view we have the Inspect button which is a cool new feature. It’s like having Firebug installed directly into Dreamweaver.

We also have some new tabs in the right panel that also have to do with the way you code: one is Adobe BrowserLab that can be found after clicking on the CS live button.

The CS live button from the top right is a new feature of Dreamweaver CS5 and it has the following : Adobe BrowserLab with the Preview in BrowserLab and BrowserLab home. In order to use these features you need an Adobe account. I think that in the near future we will do more and more testing online and also we’ll create web pages online:


How to create and use Dreamweaver’s Spry Tabs

When you have lots and lots of things to show on a Webpage to the point it becomes unreadable what do you do? You try to split the content on several pages. The old way to do this was to create separate pages and the user could browse and open various content sections in new pages. The new way to do this is to create a single page that shows the first section of content and hides the rest. Viewing the rest of the content sections is possible without reloading the page, which makes things very fast. Dreamweaver’s Spry Tabs are an easy way to display several content sections without refreshing the page. To give you an example, have a look at this page were you can browse through samples of Vertical, Tabbed and Dropdown menus without reloading the page. Sweet isn’t it? Let me show you how I did the sample page (tutorial explains also how to do the 2 columns DIVs that hold the screenshots).


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