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Create a 2 columns elastic CSS layout with Flexi CSS Layouts Dreamweaver extension

A liquid layout is percentage based. In other words, a 100% width layout will span to the entire screen, regardless of the user’s resolution. When using a liquid layout the content will take advantage of all the available space which is good if you have a lot of text. As a best practice for keeping the layout readable, you should set a max width and min width: for example the min width 960px means the layout will not shrink below the 1024×768 resolutions and the max width 1260px will not let the layout get bigger than the 1400px screen resolution. If you started the layout as a liquid layout and want the rows inside also liquid (adjust themselves to the screen resolution and keep proportions) then all the divs inside are calculated as a percentage of their parents. You can as well mix fixed columns with liquid columns.

Create a Flash Sales Chart in Dreamweaver video

In this tutorial we will show you how to create an impressive Flash sales chart in Dreamweaver using PHP&mySQL and FusionCharts for Dreamweaver extension.

Creating a slideshow in Dreamweaver without coding (video)

In this tutorial we will make a product/portfolio presentation slideshow using Dreamweaver and Creative DW Image Show Pro. This type of slideshow can be used to display web design portolios, real estate, furniture pieces or anything else!

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