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Digsby, the easy way to handle support on multiple Instant Messenger Networks

How fast do your customers expect a reply and help to their issues? Feedback from our customers say that Web Design and the communication with end customers made tremendous steps towards Instant Messaging, Social Networks and the so called Web 2.0 feeling. Gone are the days when the customers reported a bug in their site by email of even phone, nowadays you’re not only selling the look & feel or functionality of the site but also availability when something goes bad.

So what do you do? You make yourself social and easy to reach and your customers can get in touch with you live: Yahoo Messenger, MSN, Google Talk, Facebook and more. And there’s always that customer that uses a different IM network. New account, new software and new icons on your desktop (I personally find this very annoying because I like to keep my desktop as clean as possible) .


Interview with John Knoll who created Photoshop

If you remember, sometimes last year I was talking about the feeling you have if you get to know the people who are behind the Adobe suite. Even if you are not working there, getting to know people that work for products used by millions of artists, web creators and programmers is an interesting thought.

If this sounds well, what would you say about knowing more on the Photoshop creator and how Photoshop was born? Robert Scoble traveled to Industrial Light and Magic to chat with visual effects supervisor John Knoll--who, with his brother Thomas, created Photoshop and did this interview:

Do you look at the Dreamweaver about page?

dw_about_smallI don’t know, have you ever looked at the Dreamweaver about page (and wait to scroll to the contributing team)? I remember in my early days I was looking at the Photoshop splash screen and thinking, WOW, if you work at the product you get to see your name there! I didn’t give it too much thought in the last years, but last night I’ve got a screenshot from one of our customers that included the about page from Dreamweaver CS4.


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