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FlexiPanels CSS for Dreamweaver – Staff Picks on Adobe Exchange

Just got back from my short Holiday in the Austrian Alps and surprise, surprise, Flexipanels CSS for Dreamweaver is a Staff Picks on Adobe Exchange!

The story behind the product

Well, a 2-3 months ago we got from our designer some landing pages and we were supposed to implement them. You know that most designers are very picky of the way the layout is implemented, and if you add the requirement to build a table-less page, here you are, in the DIVs and CSS land. Basically you get a JPG file, and you are supposed to cut it, make the divs structure and throw in the CSS that makes it work.

While the site guys were working on implementing some nuggets and some rounded corner boxes from the design,we started hearing from the other room, at a rate of 10 times per hour: I hate divs! I hate IE 6! This drives me crazy! Now, if you work for a company like ours (that builds tools for Web developers), this is wonderful music for the ears! We might be onto something and It might just be our new product! We suddenly realized that most of the Dreamweaver users face the same challenges: cut the design the right way, create the div structure, making the layout flexible for variable content amounts and make sure it works in all major browsers.

Drafting the (yet nameless) product

The need that we indentified this time was: creating pieces of HTML (content panels with header and content, sidebar nuggets, boxes or simply a content zone with a gradient background and rounded corners) from a specific design and implement them in a tabeless design using DIVs and CSS. I remember we drafted the main features on our table the same day:

- should create a flexible HTML/CSS structure that allows the resize of the panel elements (header/body/footer) without breaking the design
- all major browser compatibility
- predefined designs + adjustable color themes
- an addon tool that will allow the user get the design from a layout and easily export all the necessary images that will be used in the CSS

FlexiPanels CSS for Dreamweaver was born

Many development hours later, this Dreamweaver extension helps the users create rounded corners CSS content panels from a user friendly interface and inserts the necessary HTML/CSS in a Dreamweaver page without any hand coding.

A couple of months and a few hundred happy customers later, it’s a Staff Pick on Adobe Exchange. I would say that’s really nice!

Extend Studio unveils FlexiPanels CSS for Dreamweaver

The new Dreamweaver extension aims to help Dreamweaver users create Table-less code

Romania – August 17, 2009: Extend Studio, provider of tools to extend the functionality of Adobe Flash and Dreamweaver, announces today the launch of FlexiPanels CSS, a Dreamweaver extension that enables users to create table-less HTML code, using DIV and CSS. This Dreamweaver CSS extension helps designers and novice Web developers to create side panels, menu containers or any content zones with a gradient background and rounded corners. (more…)

3 licenses Creative Movie FX v2 giveaway

In partnership with Flash Scope we are running a 3 licenses giveaway on Creative Movie FX V2.

Creative MovieFX v2 is a Flash effects component that allows you to employ effects on any movie clips. There are more than 280 predefined effects that can be applied to three transition types: In effects, Out effects, and Wait effects – without writing any code. Due to the convenient and user friendly interface you may easily browse the effects gallery.

* Apply effects on animated clips (flv movies, timeline animations) and loop them
* Default effects pack with over 280 predefined effects
* 3D effects
* Action triggered effects (adding sound, moving along the timeline, adding an URL)
* Filter effects drop shadow, blur, reflections
* In, Wait and Out transitions
* Integrated preview mode
* ActionScript 3.0 compliant
* Contextual Help
* Visual Time Manager
* Use the ergonomic user interface to choose and customize the effects

It’s very easy to win! Here is how you could become one of the lucky winners.


Update: Promotion has ended and the 3 winners got a Movie FX 2.0 license each!

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