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Reasons to choose WordPress

When it comes to choosing your Content Management System, there are many options. One of the best, especially if you’re a beginner, is WordPress.

So, let’s see the advantages of using WordPress:

1. No coding skills required

The creation of a website might seem overwhelming, especially if you’re a newbie in web design. Customizing each and every bit of every page in the new website might seem complicated. But with WordPress, it’s no longer the case. If you choose to create a blog/website/online store with WordPress, you don’t need to have any coding skills.

2. Easy to use

Besides the fact you don’t need any coding, it’s super easy to learn and use WordPress. The platform has an intuitive interface you’ll quickly get familiar with. All the Admin sections are easily accessible, and it takes a very short time to learn how to use them.

3. Little investment in the website creation – the WordPress software is free

It takes little to no investment for creating a new website or blog. This is because the WordPress software is free for download.

However, if you want to go professional and buy your own domain + hosting, consider a little investment in your new website.

4. You don’t have to depend on a designer to make minor (even major) changes to your website

Due to WordPress, you’re free to make changes to your newly created website, whenever you want. As it’s simple to use, WordPress doesn’t necessarily need the intervention of a web designer for you to make tweaks and refines to your website. And you’re able to make even major changes to the web pages, with no coding skills.

5. Choose from a wide variety of themes

WordPress comes with the possibility to choose from an almost infinite number of themes. All you need is know what layout to apply to the new website/blog and go searching the web for the perfect theme. You’ll have all chances to find it. And fast.

Premium themes have additional options for customizing the look and colors of web pages, so you can get the perfect color scheme for your website.

6. Change the theme whenever you want

In case the design has gone outdated for your website, you can change the theme you’ve chosen any time. There are plenty of options, so replacing one theme with another is a matter of seconds.

Sure, you’ll have to pay attention to the overall aspect of the new website version, but if it’s worth updating the theme, why not?

7. You can install and activate plugins to improve website functionality

There are 10,000 + plugins available to improve website functionality. There’s almost for sure a plugin that’ll solve your need for customizing the website and adding some functionalities to it.

8. It’s easy to update WordPress

The WordPress software benefits from frequent updates. And it’s easy to get the latest version any time, provided that you make sure you have a backup of your website current version. Updates come with improved functionalities.

9. Possibility to make regular backups for security reasons

With WordPress, it’s simple to make regular backups for your website. There are ready-made solutions you can use to create backups before every major change to the website, or periodic backups for security reasons.

10. SEO-ready platform

You probably know how important SEO is for your new website/blog. So, there are some plugins for WordPress which you can use to improve the SEO of your web pages. Yoast SEO or All in One SEO Pack are the most frequently installed and used for SEO purposes.

11. Mobile responsiveness (for most of the themes)

WordPress themes are mobile responsive, in most of the cases. This means the website or blog will look fine both on desktop, and mobile devices. It will be displayed to users in appropriate form, so readability and design keep high quality standards.

12. WordPress can be used for any website

No matter what it is you want, WordPress is flexible enough to allow you to create a website that tackles all of your needs. These can include blogs, eCommerce sites, portfolio websites. You name it. So don’t waste more time, and use WordPress to bring your most limerent passions to life.


Over 30% of websites now run on WordPress. That’s a huge swathe of the Internet. Because so many people use it, this provides users with ample resources on anything, from plugins, to documentation, to best practices.

So don’t wait, and use WordPress today.

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