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Updating the images without manually write the XML

For the purpose of the tutorial, let’s assume you have installed the slideshow on your site. The gallery comes with a folder where the images are stored, the HTML image that includes the slideshow the SWF file and the XML file. The Universal AIR XML Generator helps you to add images in the gallery folder and fills in the XML file that is used by the flash gallery in the demo page:

Flash Gallery files
Flash Gallery files

To run the Flash Gallery slideshow you need to (accordingly to this documentation): place the images in the gallery folder, resize the images to create thumbnails at 70×70px and write the XML to include your images, something like this:

<caption>Some lamp on the ground</caption>

(If you look at the XML, then you should be aware of the following: images and thumbnails are saved in the same folder and there is an additional field for the image caption)

The old way of doing things

Typically if you want to add your own images and descriptions to the gallery you need to:

  • resize the images for the thumbnails
  • write the XML file manually with the new images and the caption text
  • upload everything on the server in the slideshow folder

The easier way to do things

Universal AIR XML Generator is intended to eliminate the manual work with resizing images and writing the XML for slideshows. To explain in a few works, it resizes images and writes XML files following a template. The resized images and the generated XML are then automatically uploaded on your site via FTP. Here is how this works.

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