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Flexi CSS Layouts – success story

Flexi CSS Layouts -  17.000 downloads since becoming a featured product on Adobe Exchange; raving customers

At the beginning of September we launched the full version of Flexi CSS Layouts - the Dreamweaver extension that helps you create CSS layouts as easy as doing tables. When we started working on the extension we thought about what could be improved at the way a developer can create CSS layouts in Dreamweaver? There were a few options, but none was flexible enough:

  • purchasing a layout from a template farm; nice looking but it needs CSS knowledge to change even the smallest design elements;
  • using the layouts embedded in Dreamweaver; easier to handle but plain dull and old school;
  • other CSS generators out there; not editable in Dreamweaver;
  • other Dreamweaver CSS extensions – just a few and none flexible enough to do your own layout.

And yes, we could do something better! Right now, Flexi CSS Layouts helps you create your own layouts by adding rows and columns, has nice templates and even lets you create section layouts for existing pages. No wonder is a featured product on the Adobe Exchange and it got almost 17.000 downloads in one month!

Flexi CSS Layouts on Adobe Exchange

Flexi CSS Layouts on Adobe Exchange

There is no secret that when we release a new product we spend the first weeks asking ourselves: is it any good? Will they like it? Is it going to help people?

I bought this extension when it was first launched a few weeks ago. It is an amazing piece of engineering and extremely useful for web developers across the board.
In fact, this unique extension adds new meaning to rapid development – whether for developing customised DW templates on the fly or sections within a page or as includes. It is a fantastic product, simple to use and understand. It comes highly recommended as a brilliant addition to any web developer’s toolbox.
Well done Extend Studio!!
” – Chris Gartner

Simply brilliant! It’s hard to believe that such complex layouts can be achieved so easily! Even the included templates are brilliantly done and unique. As if the layouts aren’t brilliant enough – the the page section editor allows you to add very complex and styled CSS Divs anywhere on your page. Heck, the user interface even looks like it should be part of Dreamweaver. The ExtendStudio guys really out did themselves with this one. If you haven’t heard of ExtendStudio before – you will now. With FlexiLayouts, Extend Studio has just become a major player in the DW extension market. Great work guys!” – Brad Lawryk

The environment is really complete when it comes to CSS properties for your DIV’s. Almost everything can be set within the working space. The great thing is that you can save your your layouts and sections, so it’s easy to re-use them. Everything is done from within the working space, so no need to edit the CSS directly. No worries that your CSS won’t work in some browsers….everything works out. Also i use a lot of jQuery modules and they are easy to fit into the layouts using Dreamweaver. A real professional addition to my toolbox and also fun to use. Compliments and looking forward to see this extension evolve!” – Marcellino Bommezijn

As a website designer, I couldn’t be more fortunate to have learned of Extend Studio’s CSS Layouts program. Those in the industry understand the complexity and time it takes to create CSS websites. I love that the interface is easy to navigate, and makes it so easy to not only create a page, but to also change and adjust the layout with just a few simple clicks. Even with existing website pages, you can still add a ‘section layout’ so it’s not limited to only one use. My time creating websites has dramatically decreased and now every client’s site is built more efficiently. I have made a good investment.  I thank Extend Studio for producing such a great software and I look forward to their next product release.” – Kristy Way, Minicorp

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