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Dreamweaver CSS Pack Launched

Dreamweaver CSS Pack is an excellent priced bundle between Flexi CSS Layouts and Flexi Panels CSS. Not only that you get Flexi CSS Layouts with 20% discount (discounted price $99.99) but you also get Flexi Panels CSS at $25 (from the regular price $39.98).

Flexi CSS Layouts is a Dreamweaver Extension that helps you create browser compliant table-less web pages with ease.

  • Create custom CSS layouts in Dreamweaver with ease
  • 55 editable CSS templates included
  • Edit CSS settings for layout elements
  • Create DIVs and CSS for existing pages

Flexi Panels CSS for Dreamweaver helps you create rounded corner table-less code for nuggets, side panels, menu containers.

  • Rounded corners CSS boxes, containers and nuggets
  • 30 built in panels, 5 schema colors each
  • Adobe Air based FlexiSlicer to create your own panels


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