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How to create a full site using the Flexi CSS Layouts

In this tutorial we will show how easy is to create a site using the templates that come with the Flexi CSS Layouts gallery. The basics are: defining a site in Dreamweaver, create as many html pages as you need for the site, insert a layout in each of the pages then change the menu links to point to the right pages. For this tutorial we will create 3 pages: an index page (index.html), a contact page (contact.html) and a features page (features.html); you can add more pages using the same procedure.

Note: this tutorial assumes that you already know the basics of using the Flexi CSS Layouts Dreamweaver extension.

Creating the index page

Create a new empty html file in Dreamweaver. Save the file as “index.html” then find the Flexi CSS Layouts tab and open the Template Gallery. Select the full templates category and select one of the home page templates (for example “Software Product – Home page”). Press “Insert” to add the layout in the page or “Customize layout” if you want to make changes.

Read the tutorial here.

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