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Fifa World Cup Chart

Creating a FIFA World Cup Statistics Chart

Since the FIFA World Cup 2010 is in progress I was thinking that it would be interesting to create a statistics chart with all FIFA editions dating back to 1930, to see how things have evolved. Included for each year: how many teams have participated, how many matches were played each year, how many goals were scored each year, average goal per year and attendances per year.


Final Result


Creating a Dreamweaver Chart

In order to create a web chart inside Dreamweaver, we need to download the DW Fusion Charts extension (you can download it here).

Open the Fusion Charts for DW interface

After you have installed the fusion charts extension, start Dreamweaver and go to Insert Panel, find the FusionCharts for DW tab, and press “Insert Simple Chart”.

Adding a Simple Fusion Chart

Select the chart type you want to use

The first thing you need to do after opening the Fusion Charts interface is to select the chart type you want to use. I’ve chosen a line type chart since we’re dealing with a large amount of data.

Select chart type

Add data for our chart

Go to the second tab, called DataGrid, and you’ll see the default data. We need to clear this data in order to add our own data. Press “reset data” in order to clear the default data. Now we need to add the columns and rows.

Adding data to chart

The data for the chart was collected from
FIFA World Cup™ Record. I have added columns for:year, teams, matches, goals and average goals.

Here is the data for the chart:

year teams matches goal scores average goals
1930 13 18 70 3.9
1934 16 17 70 4.1
1938 15 18 84 4.7
1950 13 22 88 4.0
1954 16 26 140 5.4
1958 16 35 126 3.6
1962 16 32 89 2.8
1966 16 32 89 2.8
1970 16 32 95 3.0
1974 16 38 97 2.6
1978 16 38 102 2.7
1982 24 52 146 2.8
1986 24 52 132 2.5
1990 24 52 115 2.2
1994 24 52 141 2.7
1998 32 64 171 2.7
2002 32 64 161 2.5
2006 32 64 147 2.3

After adding the data we need to define a category column. Select the “A” column and press “Add as Category”. Also we need to define some series in order for the chart to work. Select Column “B” and press “Add as series”. Now do the same for the rest of the column (C,D and E).
I’ll also change each column’s color, so it will be easier to distinguish each series.

Organizing the columns for our chart

If you have followed my steps, then everything should be in placed and ready for the final preview. All you need to do now is to press “ok”, and test your fifa world cup chart in the browser.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial and now you can show off to your friends with your brand new all editions fifa web chart.

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  3. I need this types of tutorial more. Can you please make one about the Result Statistics.

  4. Karl Ibach says:

    I’m happy that the US is out of the World Cup. Soccer is sooooo booring IMHO. Of course, I’m not a large sports fan to begin with so who am I to judge? I do believe however, that soccer will someday be as big here in the US as pro football!

  5. Meryl Hobday says:

    Many thanks on the guide! It helped a lot!

  6. Tim Jaquet says:

    great post, i enjoyed the worrld cup so much this year it didnt live up to the excitement of previous WC but it was still great. Ghana where the highlightt for me shame they went out to a “handball”

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