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Discount Bonanza

cristian dorobantescu

We’ve moved to bigger and better offices = discount bonanza for you! And thank you!

Last month we moved to a bigger and better office! We choose not to go for a regular office space with cubicles, but to a small villa downtown. We thought this would be better for the creative juices of our engineers and I can actually write this email from the small patio! Of course we couldn’t have done it without you, our Extend Studio friends (Chris are you reading this?), partners and customers.

I wish everybody could have prosperous year the same way we do and maybe our products help you do more with less? Talking about less, let me give you a hand with a discount bonanza that goes until Monday, 10 of May (to purchase use the buy links from this post).

PS: in case you are wondering, all products will be CS5 compatible by Friday, May 07.


Cristian Dorobantescu
Business Development Manager

Creative DW Menus Pack Designer 35% off

Making good looking menus in Dreamweaver

If you need a Flashy looking menu for your site, with nice effects, unlimited levels, you can do it in less than 5 minutes in Dreamweaver. It also works with PHP& MySQL. No need to go hunting for scripts! Special price: $99.99 $65

Creative Image Show PRO 45% off

Flash banners from Dreamweaver

You don’t need to know Flash to create Flash Banners! You can do them from Dreamweaver with nice effects on images and text. Works best for tourism sites, real estate, or any site that needs a Flashy header. Special price: $89.99 $49.49

FlexiPanels CSS 25% off

Rounded corner CSS boxes in Dreamweaver

Need a rounded corner box for your menus? Or for your news nugget? You don’t need to know CSS and DIVs for these containers, you can do them in 5 clicks in Dreamweaver! Special price : $39.98 $29.98

Creative Text FX v2 40% off

Easy Flash Text Effects

Want to make beautiful Flash text effects and you don’t know ActionScript3? No worries, you can do everything that you need from the Creative Text FX interface. Over 300 predefined Flash text Effects,100% customizable.
Special price: $74.99 $44.99

Creative Flash Scroller 20% off

Scroll text, images, dynamic content in Flash

With Creative Flash Scroller you can scroll any kind of Flash Content: static text, dynamic text, pictures, animations, movies. It comes with multiple scroll behaviors: touch scroll, mouse gesture scroll, scrollbar scroll. Special price: $29.98 $23.98

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