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Bypassing Flash Security Warning when testing locally

I think that one of the first issues you have to deal with when creating your first Flash projects using the Extend Studio Flash components is to bypass the Flash Security warnings when testing locally. Of course, you could upload the files somewhere online, but testing locally is faster and easier, except that both MAC and Windows will not allow you to run the generated Flash locally by default.

Issue: previewing Flash in a local browser (MAC or Windows) security warning

The good news is that the Extend Studio products have a warning system built in that throws a quite explicit error message if you don’t have the necessary Flash Player local settings. On both MAC or Windows the  warning message in your browser looks like in the picture below.

Error flash player


To make the correct Flash Local settings to locally test your Flash in a webpage, follow the link in the browser, and follow the steps:

  • In the Adobe Flash Player Settings Manager, select global security settings, select  Always Allow.
  • In the “Always trust files in these locations” go to edit locations -> add locations->browse for  folder.

settings manager

browse for folder

  • Select the folder where you have the files, or simply select the hole drive where the files are stored, in my case I`ve selected the hole drive C:\ on windows, and on mac I`ve selected the root “ / ” . On mac it should look like in the picture below.

mac preview

  • On windows, it should look like this:

windows preview

  • After that  go to your page and refresh it, it should work like the picture below.

final working

That’s all! If you have any other questions, you can always send an e-mail at :

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