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Interview with John Knoll who created Photoshop

If you remember, sometimes last year I was talking about the feeling you have if you get to know the people who are behind the Adobe suite. Even if you are not working there, getting to know people that work for products used by millions of artists, web creators and programmers is an interesting thought.

If this sounds well, what would you say about knowing more on the Photoshop creator and how Photoshop was born? Robert Scoble traveled to Industrial Light and Magic to chat with visual effects supervisor John Knoll--who, with his brother Thomas, created Photoshop and did this interview:

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  1. Xbox Spiele says:

    ThankYou Griff…WHAT A GUY.. it was just last week i showed my friends about the effects you use, they are all impressed.. What a Great demo, you are sooo inspiring.


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