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Do you look at the Dreamweaver about page?

dw_about_smallI don’t know, have you ever looked at the Dreamweaver about page (and wait to scroll to the contributing team)? I remember in my early days I was looking at the Photoshop splash screen and thinking, WOW, if you work at the product you get to see your name there! I didn’t give it too much thought in the last years, but last night I’ve got a screenshot from one of our customers that included the about page from Dreamweaver CS4.

Much to my surprise, my eyes caught a known name. Then another one, and another one.  Opened Dreamweaver and scrolled the about screen. About a dozen known names – we used to be colleagues at InterAKT and I’ve actually got to hire some of them. Here, I have highlighted a few.


It’s so funny that I can actually go and have a beer with them tonight. Who would have thought 7-8 years ago?

OK, time to get back to work!

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