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3 licenses Creative Movie FX v2 giveaway

In partnership with Flash Scope we are running a 3 licenses giveaway on Creative Movie FX V2.

Creative MovieFX v2 is a Flash effects component that allows you to employ effects on any movie clips. There are more than 280 predefined effects that can be applied to three transition types: In effects, Out effects, and Wait effects – without writing any code. Due to the convenient and user friendly interface you may easily browse the effects gallery.

* Apply effects on animated clips (flv movies, timeline animations) and loop them
* Default effects pack with over 280 predefined effects
* 3D effects
* Action triggered effects (adding sound, moving along the timeline, adding an URL)
* Filter effects drop shadow, blur, reflections
* In, Wait and Out transitions
* Integrated preview mode
* ActionScript 3.0 compliant
* Contextual Help
* Visual Time Manager
* Use the ergonomic user interface to choose and customize the effects

It’s very easy to win! Here is how you could become one of the lucky winners.


Update: Promotion has ended and the 3 winners got a Movie FX 2.0 license each!

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3 Responses to “3 licenses Creative Movie FX v2 giveaway”

  1. Wayne Frenck says:

    An extemely nice set of extensions. I still keep wishing a flash site was more SEO friendly.

  2. wewright says:

    the flashscope link is throwing a page not found error…

  3. admin says:


    Well the promotion has ended – that’s why the page is not there anymore.

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