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With Universal AIR XML Generator you can rapidly and effortlessly create or update the XML, images and texts for your slideshows, galleries and banner rotators. It crops or scales all at once the images for thumbnails, full screen preview or default view, then automatically generates the XML for each image and uploads everything to the production server via FTP.

Adding Images and Albums

To generate the XML for the slideshow/gallery/banner rotator you need to add the images to the application. Images will be later resized to the necessary sizes. If the slideshow supports albums, then you can define albums and place the images in these albums as you need them.

Creating Albums

By default the applications comes with no albums defined and it works this way if you don't need albums in the slideshow XML.

No albums defined
No albums defined

If you need the images to be placed in albums, click on the "define albums" button; you need to define the album name, the album folder (the images will be saved inside this folder), album title and album descriptions. For the last 2 you can enable HTML and this will show a minimized HTML editor to help you style the text with ease.

Create album
Create album

Once you have defined albums, you can change their order clicking on the up and down arrow.

Ordering Albums
Ordering albums

You can add or delete images to the selected album or even copy images between albums if you wish to do so. You can only delete albums that don't have any images inside.

Manage Albums
Manage Albums

Adding Images

Adding images can be done very easy. If you don't need albums, just click on the buttons 1 or 2 below. If you need albums, you should first create the albums, then add images to each album.

Add Images interface
Add Images section


  • 1 add image - if you want to select each image to be added to the XML
  • 2 add folder- adds all the images inside the selected folder
  • 3 move images to a different album - if you have more albums defined you can select a group of images them move them to a different album
  • 4 copy images to a different album - if you have more albums defined you can select a grop of images and copy (duplicate) them to a different album
  • 5 delete
  • 6 select/deselect/invert selection


Selecting images and group of images

You can select an image by clicking with the mouse on the thumbnail. If you need to select a group of images, you can press CTRL and select a group of images; alternatively you can click on the checkbox below each image. From the upper menu you can select all images, deselect and invert selection.

Changing the images order

Changing the image order is very easy. You drag and drop the images in the order desired.

Adding title, description and link for each image

When you select an image from the list, on the right side there are several fields you can fill in: Image title, Image description and link:

Image Parameters
Image Parameters

For each of the text areas you can enable HTML editing, source mode and preview. If you enable HTML editing, a simple HTML editor will be displayed that will help you style the text. If you want to copy paste the HTML content from an external editor, you can switch edit source on. Preview shows how the text looks with the formatting you have applied.

HTML editor
HTML editor