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With Universal AIR XML Generator you can rapidly and effortlessly create or update the XML, images and texts for your slideshows, galleries and banner rotators. It crops or scales all at once the images for thumbnails, full screen preview or default view, then automatically generates the XML for each image and uploads everything to the production server via FTP.

Creating a custom XML for a custom slideshow, gallery or banner rotator

With the Universal AIR XML Generator you can resize images and generate custom XML to match your custom slideshow, gallery or banner rotator. The workflow is very simple:

  • start a custom project
  • create albums (optional) and add images; add image descriptions
  • add custom fields to the images, albums; set the image resize options; add more custom sizes
  • create the XML template
  • Saving the custom template

Start a custom project

Starting a custom project is not much different from starting a regular project: select from the XML template drop-down "Custom XML" and from the Slideshow type dropdown Flash or HTML (Javascript,CSS, etc).

Start a custom template
Start a custom template

Creating albums and adding images; add descriptions

Creating albums (optional) and adding images it's not different from non-custom project and has been documented here.

Add custom fields to the images, albums; set the image resize options; add more custom sizes

For each image or album you can add your own fields that will be later replaced in the XML with the values you fill in the interface. If you need the images to be resized at more sizes, this can be done from the Image sets interface. This process has been described here.

Create the XML template

Creating the XML template for your custom slideshow is very easy. You have to write the XML code, set the section that will be repeated for each image and add the variables that will be replaced by the application with images and descriptions. This process has been documented here.

Saving the custom template

After creating the XML template, as a best practice you should publish the project (click on the Publish button) and check if the images are resized to the correct sizes and the XML is correct. If you are satisfied with the results, click on "Save as" in the upper menu and save as a project.

Note: "save as a project" only saves the XML template and the custom fields you have added in the interface and does NOT save the images and albums. If you need to save the images and albums then you should save the project.

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