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Universal AIR XML Generator

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Universal AIR XML Generator documentation

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Understanting the interfaces
The Universal AIR XML Generator comes with a few easy to use interfaces: intro screen, new project screen, manage images and albums interface, image sets and XML settings interface.

How does it work?
In this tutorial you will see that the Universal AIR XML Generator does and how it works. To explain in a few works, it resizes images and writes XML files following a template. The resized images and the generated XML should be used to power the slideshows, galleries and banner rotators on your site.

Adding Images and Albums
To generate the XML for the slideshow/gallery/banner rotator you need to add the images to the application. Images will be later resized to the necessary sizes. If the slideshow supports albums, then you can define albums and place the images in these albums as you need them.

Images resize
The image resize interface is essential to the workflow of the application. In this interface you can set the application to do various resizes of the images added earlier, depending on the image formats needed by the slideshow/gallery/banner rotator you are creating. Typical slideshows need 3 sizes for each image: full screen preview, regular image and thumbnail. The resized images can be placed in separate folders for each size or can be placed in the same location, in which case the images are renamed accordingly to their names. The resize can be done by crop or by scale. Image type (JPG, GIF or PNG) can be preserved or you can transform the images to the desired format.

XML settings
In the XML settings interface you have the XML template; the XML code and the "tags". The tags will be replaced by the application with the values you have inserted in the fields for each image in the "Manage Images and Albums" interface.

Publishing a project
Publishing a project means the process of resizing images to the desired sizes and write the XML needed for the slideshow, gallery or banner rotator. You can also upload the resized images and XML to the production server automatically, via FTP.

Adding custom fields and XML parameters
The entire workflow to create custom XMLs for custom slideshows, galleries or banner rotators

Creating a custom XML for a custom slideshow, gallery or banner rotator
With the Universal AIR XML Generator you can resize images and generate custom XML to match your custom slideshow, gallery or banner rotator. The workflow is very simple.



Universal AIR XML Generator

box Universal AIR XML Generator

With Universal AIR XML Generator you can rapidly and effortlessly create or update the XML, images and texts for your slideshows, galleries and banner rotators. It crops or scales all at once the images for thumbnails, full screen preview or default view, then automatically generates the XML for each image and uploads everything to the production server via FTP.

Product requirements

  • Adobe AIR 1.5 (free) - you can download it for free here.