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Universal AIR XML Generator

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Universal AIR XML Generator Documentation

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With Universal AIR XML Generator you can rapidly and effortlessly create or update the XML, images and texts for your slideshows, galleries and banner rotators. It crops or scales all at once the images for thumbnails, full screen preview or default view, then automatically generates the XML for each image and uploads everything to the production server via FTP.

Adding more fields to the XML

If the XML needs more parameters (for example an image short description, or another image resize) these can be easily added to the editing interface and the XML template. (adding supplemental parameters is necessary only when you are creating your own custom XMLs).

Available fields types

For images and albums you can add custom fields in the interface: text, checkbox (with on/off value), rich text (text area with HTML editor), URL field or image (field and browse button)

Custom field
Custom fields

Adding more fields to images

To add more fields for the images, click on the right side button as shown in the interface below. The new field will appear to all images automatically.

Add fields to images
Add fields to images

Adding more fields to albums

You can add more fields to albums when you create a new album or edit an existing one. The fields will appear to all albums.

Add fields to albums
Add fields to albums

Adding another image resize

If you need the images to be resized on more sizes you can add more resize actions:

Add image size
Add image size

Adding the custom parameters to the XML

When you are adding a custom field to the images or albums and another resize setting, for each field you will have a custom XML parameter in the XML settings interface which you can insert inside the XML code and it will be replaced with the content supplied in the interface. To use them in the XML, place the cursor in the code where you need the custom parameter and click on the blue parameter button.

Custom Parameters
Custom Parameter